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- Perfect Females Allowing Pathetic Men to Serve a Purpose -

We are here for you to serve. Plain and simple.

You are pathetic, and you know it. Always remember, Women
are the givers of life. Women are the givers of meaning. Without
Us the world would be nothing but a bunch of monkeys wacking
off at the slightest hint of sexual gratification. If you want to be in
Our lives, you will do your part to pamper Us and keep Us in the
lifestyle We want and that pleases Us. Your whole life will be spent
proving to Us how much you want Us to be happy. How much you
want to see Us smile. How your entire lower being revolves around
Us. Remember these things and you just might get a little attention
from one of Us. Take a look at Our pages and carefully decide whom
you will serve. Your exsistence depends on it, choose carefully.

Financial Domination with your Mistress will set you free.

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Which Mistress will you choose to serve? Will you be worthy?
Financial domination is not a joke, it is about Our financial freedom
and your pathetic attempts to satisfy Our needs. We are Women of
power, and you know it. Financial domination is a way to show all
Women that you know your place, groveling at Our feet for affection,
and financial submissivness is your role in life. You would do anything
to please Us, to see a slight smile on Our faces, to get a little bit of
gratitude...sometimes you may not even get that much from Us.



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